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Our response to COVID-19

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  • 7th April 2020 13:36

During February, we undertook extensive contingency planning in preparation for a UK lock down in response to COVID-19, as seen in China and Northern Italy.

As providers of essential services crucial to people’s comfort and wellbeing, we recognised it was vital our services could continue uninterrupted during these unprecedented times. Our primary concern was the wellbeing of our employees and minimising disruption to our customers.

Due to the incredibly fast pace of this escalating crisis, we’ve had to adapt quickly without the opportunity of a dry run. We’re incredibly proud of the commitment and professionalism our team has shown throughout, allowing a relatively smooth transition to a new form of working.

The majority of our office-based staff are now working from home and our working hours have not been affected. Using Microsoft Teams as our main communication platform, we’re able to keep in touch with colleagues, clients and suppliers as we did when working from the office.

Our mobile technical engineers are following government, NHS and Public Health England guidelines. This includes taking additional precautions such as hand washing before, during and after site visits and maintaining a safe distance at all times.

We’re keen to maintain the best level of service during these challenging times and would appreciate feedback on how we might improve certain areas.

We extend our best wishes to you and your families and thank you for your continued support.

Business Continuity

  • We have robust contingency plans in place and a dedicated team who are responsible for monitoring the situation and implementing the plans as necessary.
  • We have implemented the advice of the authorities across our offices, as well as put measures in place to ensure our mobile workers are compliant.
  • If you are aware of infection in your immediate area, and we have an engineer or representative due to visit you in the coming days, please help us contain the virus by informing us prior to the visit. In these instances, we may have to make alternative arrangements.
Working from home

  • The majority of our office systems and services are cloud based.
  • We do not need to be in our office locations in order to fully support our services
  • We have a VoIP platform that enables staff to make/receive calls from home, so there will be no disruption to our ability to take service calls from customers.
  • All employees will have personal or company laptops available if required, using secure connections and two factor authentication.
Communication to Employees

  • We are using our own company intranet site to keep our employees updated:
  • Displaying a live news feed from BBC News – Health
  • Prominently showing best practice advice for hygiene
  • Coronavirus awareness video
  • Keeping a more formal Q&A updated with common questions that we see being directed at our management teams
  • Where travel is required, all precautions will be considered
  • UK Government’s guidance on specified countries and areas
  • Video conferences will replace meetings where possible. (incl external visitors to our office)
  • We are following NHS guidance specifically:
    • Symptoms and preventing spread
    • Self-identification

Self-isolation will take place when any member of the company has been:

  • Exhibiting symptoms
  • In receipt of medical advice to self-isolate
  • Confirmed as being in contact with a coronavirus carrier; or
  • Visiting a restricted area in the last 14 days for any reason

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